Sheila M. Trask, MS/LIS

Author Services

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Manuscript Review, Critique, Editing, and Promotion



Do you have a great idea for a book, but never seem to have time to write it?

Tell me about it.

No, really.

Tell me about it and I'll help you get it all on the page.

Ghostwriting services include developmental editing (for structure and organization) as well as committing the actual words to paper. I can capture your voice and bring your message to your readers and you won't have to lift a pencil.

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Manuscript Evaluation

Do you have a draft ready for a second set of eyes?

A manuscript evaluation can help you clarify the next steps.

I offer two options: a report option and a line-level option.

Both include a careful reading of your manuscript, consultation with you about your vision for the book, and a detailed report with specific observations and suggestions for improvement. The line-level option takes this one step further. At this level, I go through your manuscript line by line and offer detailed suggestions and possible edits throughout.

Line-level manuscript evaluation is my most popular service. Authors really appreciate the combination of line-by-line comments in the text and a final report that helps to guide next steps.

With this package, you are in complete control of the revision process.

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You know what they say about books and their covers.

Authors, though, often feel like their own worst enemies when it comes to writing book blurbs and author bios, the very things that attract readers.

I have written fiction and nonfiction jacket copy, book descriptions, taglines, and biographical blurbs for dozens of titles in the past three years. I can help you put your book in the best light as it launches.

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