Sheila M. Trask, MS/LIS

Author Services

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Manuscript Review, Critique, Editing, and Promotion

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I don't know what type of service I need. Can you still help me?
A. Absolutely. That's why every project begins in consultation with the author. We'll sort it out.

Q. My book is very long, or very short, or not quite done yet. Will you still work with me?
A. Yes, I will work on pieces of any length and at any stage. We can create customized a plan that fits your work.

Q. My book is on a controversial topic. Are there any subjects or genres you won't consider?
A. I'm very open minded, and my evaluations are based on how well you've accomplished your goals, not whether or not I agree with you. (That said, I may choose not to review manuscripts that contain excessive violence.)

Q. I'm a first-time author and editing makes me nervous. Will you be gentle?
A. Yes, that's why I'm here. I know it's hard to get that great idea on paper, and I want to help, not hurt!

Q. I'm an experienced author who wants to hear it all. Can you be tough?
A. Indeed. Authors often say to me, "Thanks, and boy do I have a lot of work to do now." If I see areas that need improvement, I call them out, and can usually suggest a variety of remedies.

Q. I don't have a ton of money. How much will this cost?
A. I understand. We can work to the scale of your project. Manuscript evaluations, editing and revisions really depend on the scope of the project, which we will agree on up front. I work on a per-project fee, so there are never any surprises along the way.

Q. Can I see samples of your work?
A. Certainly. For privacy reasons, I don't post "before and after" editing samples on the website, but when you contact me about your project, I would be happy to provide a free sample edit of your material, to give you a clear idea of how I work.