Sheila M. Trask, MS/LIS

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Manuscript Review, Critique, Editing, and Promotion

Sheila M. Trask, MS/LIS

As a freelance editor, ghostwriter, librarian, and reviewer for over a decade, I have helped authors with hundreds of successful book projects. I'm always inspired by the heart and hard work that goes into every book, and feel honored to be part of the process of bringing an author's vision to life. I currently work with authors independently and through publishing companies like Book In A Box, Lioncrest Media, Kirkus Media, and BookLaunchers.

I hold a Master of Science in Library and Information Science from Drexel University. I am also a Certified Copyeditor (UCSD) and have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Middlebury College.

I live in the deep woods of Vermont, where reading often counts as conversation. If we have a chance to chat by phone, my dog Cora will say hello!