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Manuscript Review, Critique, Editing, and Ghostwriting

Comments from Clients:

"I've been reviewed positively many times, and no one has comprehended my novel with the insight of Sheila M. Trask.... She got it. I am truly moved and grateful."

“Amazing work. Took the time
to really put herself into the author's shoes and add and remove from the story.
Editing was spot on; extremely pleased with her work!”

“Really great feedback!
Went beyond critiquing this story. Gave insights into potential sequels and gave a great idea for an epilogue that I plan to use.”

“Sheila Trask did an excellent job providing a critique and detailed feedback on my young adult novel. She also helped me develop marketing materials for it so that I can better approach publishers. She is highly experienced and professional. I would definitely recommend her.”

What's Your Story?

  • Have a great idea for a book? As a ghostwriter, I can help you get your words, and your voice, onto the page.
  • Got a first draft? As a critic and coach, I offer detailed suggestions to make sure your work resonates with your audience.
  • Feeling shy about self-promotion? Book jacket copy and author bios can be daunting. I can help with both.

Hundreds of books have come across my desk for review, revision, editing, or ghostwriting. I know what works and what doesn't work in today's rapidly changing publishing world.

In my freelance work with authors, as well as at publishing companies like Book in a Box, Kirkus Media, Book Launchers, Story Terrace, and BookPage I have seen how much difference editorial input can make.

It can make or break your book, no matter how beautiful your story or important your message.

How can I help you? 


Developmental Editing

Manuscript Critique & Evaluation
Promotional Copy
Author Biographies